International Precious Metals Institute 39th Annual Conference
June 13 - 16, 2015 in San Antonio, TX
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Houston, Texas   


SepraMet, Ltd. is a Houston-based metals refiner.  We use a combination of hydrometallurgy and Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT). SepraMet's refinery is conveniently located in the heart of Houston's petrochemical and refining complex.  It is adjacent to I-10 and Beltway 8 in Houston's east end, on 10 acres in the Jacintoport area, and is rail served.  The facility is approximately 85,000 square feet. Currently, our primary focus is processing spent palladium catalysts. Due to our advanced processing capabilities, we can return value even on low grade materials.  If you have a Pd bearing industrial catalyst, or other raw material of a similar nature, we invite your inquiry. MRT also gives us the ability to recover other metals in a wide variety of matrices.  Inquiries of this nature are also welcome.

Our Technology

We believe MRT is the most advanced metals separation and recovery technology in the world.  MRT is used worldwide in the metallurgical and other industries.  The MRT recovery process is used by customers to recover and purify valuable metals; detect and remove impurities; deal cost effectively with environmental issues; and, as a result, enhance profits, reduce costs and minimize pollution. MRT is a highly selective separations technology that uses specially designed organic ligands to extract specific molecules from a solution.  IBC's proprietary SuperLig® products consist of these unique ligands bonded to solid supports such as silica gel or polymers.  The SuperLig® is packed into fixed bed columns.  As a solution passes through the SuperLig® packed column, specific molecules are separated from the solution by attaching to the SuperLig® beads (loading stage); in the recovery (or elution) stage, the targeted molecules are flushed from the SuperLig® beads. IBC's proprietary MRT is in use throughout the world at refineries such as Impala Platinum, Ltd. in South Africa, TKK in Japan and Asarco in the United States.

Our Commitments

  • Service orientation
  • Maintain our technological leadership
  • Safe and environmentally sound facilities and operations
  • Integrity in everything we do

SepraMet, Ltd.
14820 Talcott Street,
Houston Texas 77015 USA


Tel: (281) 457-3200

Fax: (281) 457-3205


Thank you for your interest in SepraMet, Ltd.

We look forward to exploring how we can work together.



CHWMEG Facility Review

SepraMet Demonstrates Sound Environmental Stewardship


CHWMEG, Inc. is a non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing and other "industrial" companies.  The facilities included in the CHWMEG facility review program are selected by the members, and the evaluations are performed according to a standard protocol by independent and experienced environmental firms under contract to CHWMEG, Inc. The cost of the facility review reports are shared by the member companies. CHWMEG, Inc.'s membership is comprised of companies representing a number of industrial sectors, including chemical, petroleum, and electronic and other manufacturing sectors.  Membership currently includes many Fortune 500 companies. 

In addition to the CHWMEG audit, the SepraMet facility has been environmentally audited by a number of SepraMet's customers which consist of fortune 500 and other major corporations.

SepraMet is committed to the environmentally clean and responsible treatment of metal containing resources using state of the art Molecular Recognition Technology.

Mr. Steven R. Izatt, President of SepraMet, is winner of the 2008 IPMI Jun-ichiro Tanaka Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of his entrepreneurial contributions to the precious metals industry.  Steve also serves on the IPMI Board of Directors.  IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., the parent company of SepraMet, is a Patron Member of IPMI. 





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